Museum and Gallery Applications

Lighting and color accuracy are critical in public presentations of art and artifacts. The benefits of LED lighting are abundant.

Conservation: SunLight2 LED bulbs are UV-free and produce less heat than halogen lighting, providing safe illumination of delicate or printed art or artifacts – even within sealed display cases.

Color accuracy: The high CRI values of SunLight2 bulbs (close to that of natural sunlight) provide accurate color reproduction; paint is more vibrant, textures are richer, finishes look deeper.

Dimmability: SunLight2 bulbs are available in dim-to-warm, allowing conservators to adjust lighting to suit a particular piece, or ensure optimal, vision-friendly lighting for viewers.

Beam angles: Choose a SunLight2 bulb to suit your particular lighting need. Narrower beam angles can highlight individual pieces while broader beams can highlight signage, entrances or be used in wayfinding to illuminate areas of interest.

Efficiency: When you have tens or even hundreds of items to illuminate, electricity costs can add up. Reduce costs and maintenance with long-lasting SunLight2 LED lighting.

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