Residential and Architectural Applications

SunLight2 is preferred by lighting designers and architects to transform spaces with enhanced ambiance and detail. Consider these benefits for your next building or lighting project.


Energy savings: Residential LEDs use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting, according to Consider SunLight2 recessed lighting to save money and nearly eliminate the need to climb a ladder and change a bulb ever again.

Furnishings and fabrics: Bring out the textures and true colors of upholstery, curtains and carpets, without fading from UV light. SunLight2 bulbs enhance the warmth, depth and grain of wood finishes.

Under-cabinet lighting: SunLight2 tapes are easy to install and can be cut to size. Also, LED lighting won’t add more heat to the kitchen! Use at full brightness for food prep and cooking, then dim the lights to create ambiance for dining and entertaining.

Track lighting: Replace halogen bulbs with SunLight2 for less heat and longer life. Different beam angles can be installed to suit your lighting needs – choose a narrow beam to illuminate artwork, or a broader beam for area lighting.


Design flexibility: LEDs take up less space and create less heat, yet provide as much or more lighting efficacy than traditional fluorescent or incandescent lighting. Using recessed SunLight2 LED lighting or tapes provide effective illumination with minimal architectural intrusion.

Easy to retrofit: Save money, reduce heat, and minimize maintenance costs by replacing outdated halogen and incandescent light sources! SunLight2 bulbs are available in the most common socket types and in several finishes to suit any retrofit application.

Show true colors: The high 90+ CRI value of SunLight2 light sources are closest to that of natural sunlight, and will render surfaces with accurate colors and add depth of finish.

Highlight architectural details: Use SunLight2 tapes as cove lighting or stair lighting to add ambiance indoors or out. Get creative! Our tapes can be bent, cut and dimmed for any accent lighting application. Highlight stone or brick textures with SunLight2 bulbs.

Create lighting layers: Transform an average space to one that feels larger and more welcoming with light. Use SunLight2 recessed lighting for general illumination, SunLight2 bulbs for more focused task or accent lighting, and wash walls with directional placement of SunLight2 tapes.

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