Retail and Hospitality Applications

No matter what you’re offering – from lunch, to lodging, to leggings – ensure your product is shown in the best possible light. The efficient LED lighting provided by SunLight2 offers the following benefits and solutions.


Grocery stores: Enhance the fresh color and prolong the visual appeal of produce and meats without introducing damaging heat and UV light. Wider beam angles can provide even illumination for larger displays.

Clothing stores: Bring out the textures and true colors of clothing. Smaller beam angles can be used to highlight displays and aid in wayfinding. Set the mood to enhance the appeal of clothing styles.

Furniture & lighting stores: SunLight2 bulbs will bring out the color and texture of upholstery and add depth to wood finishes. Their warmer color temperature will add a more home-like atmosphere to any showroom. Use SunLight2 to replace stock bulbs in track lighting, task lighting and wall sconces to maximize the appeal of lighting fixtures.

Salons: Use SunLight2 to display the true shades of hair color, makeup and nail polishes, to help ensure client satisfaction.


Restaurants: Dim the bulbs above tables and create a warm, inviting dining atmosphere without harsh, glaring light or excessive heat. Adjust the brightness to suit the time of day or diners’ preferences, with no annoying flicker. Even food looks more appealing under SunLight2!

Hotels: Pleasant lighting improves guests’ perception of their accommodations; help guests feel welcomed and safe in their home away from home. Use SunLight2 bulbs as front desk task lighting or to illuminate artwork or signage. SunLight2 tapes can be installed to highlight architectural details and create a modern, chic aesthetic. Allow guests to dim room lighting to encourage rest without the stimulation of blue light emissions.

Casinos: Use SunLight2 tapes for cove lighting or to highlight architectural features and entrances. SunLight2 bulbs can be used to highlight gaming tables and signage, or used as general lighting, dimmed to create the perfect atmosphere.

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